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“I absolutely love your imagination and the fantasy world you’ve created in this story. You have woven a plot that includes adventure, imaginative scenes, and surprises.”

—Kathryn Johnson, The Gentleman Poet


Byron wondered why the beautiful Margaux seemed so different? What is it that makes her so special and alluring. Why can’t he stop thinking about her? A mysterious loner, she had already made it clear that she was not interested in romance, but that did not deter him from trying to pursue her. Eventually, the star-crossed lovers fall deeply in love only to be separated by a chance encounter with a blinding, white light from above.


Several years later, they cross paths with each other. And yet, Margaux, still traumatized and confused by her memories of the huge, dark eyes, made it all the more difficult for Byron to rekindle their love, a love that never really faded with time. As Margaux and Byron grew closer together, they soon found themselves haunted by the inexplicable secrets of their past. Secrets that will ultimately change their lives.



From March 14-16, 2017, Relentless Alien Eyes will be on display at the London Book Fair sponsored by Combined Book Exhibit Please see link for additional details:

Dates 2017 – The London Book Fair